Via Walls, nothing is left merely to chance.

Via Walls was established in 2013 by marketing experts

who understand clients’ needs for interior design that consistently sets a solid expression of their vision. The founders made it their commitment to transform spaces into havens that communicate the unique nuances of their clientele’s personalities. Along with this understanding and commitment, the people who established VIA Walls have the passion for quality – both in products and services.

Since its inception, VIA Walls has strengthened its commitment to deliver quality, and has created networks with international suppliers in order to bring the most tasteful and top-of-the-line trends and designs in carpets, wall coverings, and wall blinds to corporate and private clients. In that same duration, the company has built partnerships with some of the most notable entities in Philippine interior design for projects that beautified and personalized spaces for work and play.

At Via Walls, nothing is left merely to chance. Designs are chosen with the utmost care, taking into consideration style and functionality. In every project, clients are assured of exclusive designs. We understand how diverse people’s personalities can be, and we apply this fact in decorating interiors. Projects are consistently unique – in keeping with VIA Walls’ commitment to personalized service and awareness of clients’ individualized tastes and preferences.

In addition to providing interior decorating services, supplies, and products of the highest quality, we offer competitive prices. Clients are assured of getting the best value with their luxurious interiors.

As a foretaste of our products and services, we invite you to explore VIA Walls’ collection of interior decoration themes and designs. Products in our Minimalist collection are ideal for those whose motto is “Less is more”. Period pieces are available for those with a more traditional taste from our Classic collection. Still, if your preferences run towards a more colorful vein, we can cater to that as well with our “Loud and Proud” collection. Kids (and the kids at heart) have a say, too, in interior decorating with our Kiddie collection. Also, in case you prefer keeping it simple with a low-key decorating theme, we also have the Solid Colors collection.

Admittedly, decorating a space to suit a specific purpose and style is an endeavor that should be done by those who have a clear understanding of what specific decor can bring out the space’s best potential. VIA Walls’ clients trust us with their interior decorating projects because they know that we understand their needs. They put confidence in us that we can do what is required to decorate a space with exclusive designs to maximize its use and reflect the values and personality of those who will be occupying it. Our clients come to us because they can rely on the quality of the products and services we provide and also because of the competitive prices we offer.

Every project is carefully and tastefully thought out and accomplished. Each client’s need is considered: a home that tells guests something about the owners, a workplace that reminds individuals of the company’s vision and values, or a space where kids can safely have fun. They trust us to take care of it.

We’ve already made inroads in the country’s interior design scene. We are happy that more and more clients entrust their projects to our care, from hotels, special-event venues, corporate offices, to private residences. We are looking forward to having a meaningful partnership with you as well.

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Georgina Go

Via Walls is very reliable, I had obtained a sample prior ordering and the wallpaper was true to the sample. They have a wide range of patterns and colors to choose from.

I highly recommend Via Walls to anyone looking to 'pretty up' their home or space.

How much I love Via Walls

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